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HydroGraph Becomes First Company in Americas To Receive Graphene Council’s Verified Graphene Producer® Certification

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. (HG.CN) (the “Company” or “HydroGraph”), a commercial manufacturer of high-quality nanomaterials and alternative-energy fuels, has announced that it has received The Graphene Council’s Verified Graphene Producer® certification. This certification is the only credential that includes independent 3rd party in-person inspections of graphene production facilities, verification of production methods and volumes, and quality control processes based on the Graphene Classification Framework (GCF). HydroGraph is currently the third company to be certified globally and the only company in the Americas to be certified.

"We are thrilled to now be certified by The Graphene Council, validating what we already know,” said Stuart Jara, HydroGraph chief executive officer. “The HydroGraph patented process is unique in that it achieves 99.8% pure graphene in identical batches at both the lowest cost and the most environmentally friendly manner due to its low energy consumption and absence of emissions.”

“A strong congratulations to HydroGraph on achieving this important milestone and to be the first company in the Americas to do so,” said Terrance Barkan, executive director of The Graphene Council. “Customers can have confidence that HydroGraph is a reliable and capable partner to supply bona fide high purity graphene materials. They are an impressive team with an innovative process to produce graphene materials at scale.”

The Verified Graphene Producer® certification was developed by the subject matter experts from academia, producers, users, and regulators in a robust, multi-stage peer review process consisting of five key components:

As graphene is rapidly being used as part of the burgeoning global advanced materials sector, a tremendous inconsistency in the graphene manufacturing process has emerged in terms of quality. Despite the progress made with several standards and best practices, there remains a lack of understanding regarding the family of materials referred to collectively as ‘graphene’. The Graphene Council provides a transparent method of classifying and comparing any form of graphene in a framework that can be used equally by producers, users, or regulators.

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